Extraordinary Care

  We have chosen to install BetterAir in our nursery to ensure that your puppy has the best possible start to their new life!  BetterAir is the world's first probiotic air and surface purifier which means that from the moment your puppy was born he/she had complete probiotic protection.  You too can extend that protection, control odors, reduce/eliminate harmful bacteria in your home and improve you and your dog's overall health.  For more information please call:  Steve @ 800-368-0709


A lot of EXTRAORDINARY care goes into each puppy that we raise!
We work with several consulting veterinarians to maintain a level of excellence
in doing what we love to do the most --caring for our pets!


Each puppy is closely evaluated by our veterinarian as she makes routine visits to monitor
the healthcare management of not only the puppies...but of each parent as well. Healthy puppies start with healthy, socialized parents.  We understand the importance of this and want you to rest assured that your new puppy is coming from a place where people are dedicating their lives to taking care of every animal.

Before the puppies leave our door,
each puppy has one final health check to make sure they are ready to leave.
I am pictured here helping on one of the many routine visits. My veterinarian and I have been working closely together for almost 20 years.  She is very familiar with our facility and our protocol is under her supervision.


We use our veterinarian's recommended
vaccination and worming program that exceeds most.

Puppies Extraordinaire
 assures the following:
         Humane care of the animals
         Exceeds USDA & State requirements
         Inspected by veterinarians, USDA inspectors,
         State inspectors and AKC inspectors
         Health guaranteed
We have a dedicated and committed staff who strive to provide exceptional care of our pets. With the many different  opportunities of where to choose employment around where we live, I am proud to share with you the fact that our staff has CHOSEN to work with us because of their love and dedication to the animals.   Because of their commitment and dedication--your puppy has a great start to their life!


Kim is shearing a mom who is getting ready to have her babies.  For the health of the mother and babies, we take off her heavy coat of hair to help keep mom cool, clean and comfortable during her delivery.  This also allows the babies a free and clear path to nurse on mom!

Here Monica is giving Chuckles a ride on the golf cart.  Who says only puppies get to have all the fun?

A very important part of an Extraordinary puppy is the paperwork and record keeping that is behind every litter.

Our manager -Vickie - spends a great deal of time and love
in making sure every puppy's medical history, microchip number, registration paper and identification are properly
recorded.  USDA and State requirements mandate special record keeping. We also keep many of our own specific records with the necessary information needed to control genetics that enhance the health of each puppy.

On any given day you will find us giving LOTS of one on one time to our pets!  It is extremely important to us that each adult receive extraordinary care that goes above and beyond just their daily needs being met.


Caring for our animals goes far beyond just the every day necessities, such as cleaning, feeding and exercising.  Here
my daughter Payton, her friend Bailey and my niece Morgan are helping to stain the fence on one of our hottest days this summer! 


Every puppy has it's own microchip --
It is very important
for the new owner
to register that number! 
In the unfortunate event
that your puppy
would get lost or stolen,
this ensures a quick reunion!